“Creative, pragmatic, traveler; I love working among artists and creative minds. Multipassionate is my key-value”

Born in 1993, since childhood is interested in theater and dance. A strong interest for artistic subjects leads her to attend one year at Turin Albertine Academy of Fine Arts.

While collaborating with different amateur theater companies she develops a passion for costumes and costume history. Thus she decides to follow a two-years class in dressmaking and modeling, during which she sews several costume fitted dresses on commission. Seduced by Florence charm, she moves there in 2016, where she attends specific costume classes at the National Pergola Theatre Atelier, later obtaining a 6-months scholarship.

Attracted by make-up along the way, she enrolls in the Make-up and Special Effects course in Florence, and in the Mastered course in 2018 in London, where she lived for four months. After a year spent restoring an old house while working on several personal projects (which include an allover work on costumes and makeup, leading to “fine art” photoshootings), she moves to Switzerland to broaden her experiences’ horizions.